1. Jelly N Juice


Sweet lil mama
Edges laid
Don’t cause drama
Getting paid
I stick to my business
I keep winning
Yeah I’m hella busy
I keep singing

Boy don’t even speak right now
We in them streets right now
We smoking trees right now
Ladies be hella rude right now
We ain’t no prudes right now
We set the rules right now

Bad bitches on ur feet right now
Jump to the beat right now
Don’t tell me how to be right now
Fuck with my peace right now
You don’t want beef right now
You hella cheap right now

Now don’t you know that I
Rather die on me feet baby
Than live on my knees baby
And don’t you know that I
Ain’t looking for no saving boy
I can find my own damn joy
And I don’t need to try
Try to make u feel liked
Ain’t here to make u siked
No I just wanna fly
Fly like I know I can
Keep your helping hand